Entrust us the memory of your loved ones

Dear friends!

Dear friends, it was necessary to some of us to change the place of residence and to leave the territory of Russia. However, many of us still had indissoluble communication with the Russian land. Many of us had to leave graves of relatives and favourite people who was important and close to heart. There are many reasons for not being able to attend such is you may live abroad or have move outwith the area, maybe you find it difficult due to work pressures, or health problems, or simply find visiting too emotional, or some reasons of age.

It is important to all of us that the final resting places of our parents, children and other relatives look respectable at all times. We all want the peace of mind of knowing that the graves and memorials of our loved ones are being maintained in the dignified manner that their memory deserves.

We offer you our help of taking care of the graves and the territory around, if it's nessasory, for your beloved who gone by now at each part of Russia as well as in Moscow.

The GraveCareRussia company is a specialist grave and memorial tending service, providing complex cleaning service to the final resting place of your loved ones, across the Russia.

You can order: cleaning of garbage, dry leaves and branches, organic garbage, a washing a gravestone monument, cleaning of wreaths, and also watering of flowers on a grave. Also we can pay for you local territorial taxes. You can order both one-time, and systematic cleaning of graves by us.

Considering fact that people of various nationalities and religions are live in Russia, the GraveCareRussia company have qualified specialists of different faiths work. So you can be absolutely sure, that the grave of your loved ones will be looked by the person observing the corresponding religious traditions. We have the professional tools and qualitative cleaners allowing to maintain purity of graves all the year round, even in the winter.

We perform work with respect for your relatives. Unfortunately, ourselves passed through loss and we know about it firsthand. We will make everything that you were happy with quality of the works performed by us.

We take orders and payment on-line. We are always ready to answer you by phone or e-mail. We always confirm the fact of the performed work by photo or video records. And yes, of course, you don't need to go somewhere, for this purpose to take care of memory to the relatives.

Company «GraveCareRussia» provides comprehensive cleaning services and care for the graves on the territory of Russia.

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